Raising awareness of brain injury in the community of Lloydminster is imperative. After all, the only cure for a brain injury is prevention. We focus many of our outreach awareness efforts to the month of June, which is Brain Injury Awareness Month. We go out, and promote helmet safety. We buy don't drink and drive ads in June, and we also give out paper helmets, among many other efforts to promote an awareness of brain injury, and in turn, prevent more brain injuries within our community. Not only do we reach out to Lloydminster, but we also work on prevention within our organization. We believe that by attending the Life Enrichment Program, the participants minimize their risk of a secondary injury, depression, and addiction. Our program is always educating the participants on brain injury, making them more confident individuals, and preventing more, which in turn leads them to become active members in their community once again.

Public Education

We will do everything we can to help the community and general public gain access to more information and resources regarding brain injury. We do this partially through our resource center, which is available to the entire community of Lloydminster and the surrounding area, free of charge. Want to check it out? Part of our resource center is online, here, and the other portion is located at our offices at #3, 4620 - 44 St. Lloydminster, SK. Feel free to drop by during our office hours!