I Always Knew Something Was Wrong

I didn't know that I had a brain injury until I was older - it wasn't diagnosed until I was 55.

I always knew that something was wrong.

I was always called stupid, and I thought that I was. I struggled at school, because I had a hard time with reading. My little sister, ten years younger than me, would read my assignments, because they didn't make sense. I discovered after I was done school that I was dyslexic.

When I was 7 years old, I fell in a vat of gasoline. There was a 45 gallon drum in our garage, where my dad was working on machinery. He pulled me out.....they thought I was dead. Apparently I spent a long time in the hospital. I don't remember any of this, and the family never talked about it.

My sister found out eleven years ago, but she was scared to tell me. She thought I'd blow up. At one point, I would have blown up. If somebody said something to me, I often got mad. I got in a lot of fights over being called stupid. Four years ago, I had a second heart attack, and then found out about the accident.

The doctors did tests on me, and I was diagnosed with a brain injury. My brain was starved of oxygen when I was drowning in gasoline.

I finally knew why I was the way I was - why I could understand a lot of things, but couldn't always process things. It helped a lot to know that there was a reason for the way I am. It helped me deal with anger and frustration a lot. Not knowing was the biggest part of my frustration.