Never Give Up

I had a motor vehicle accident in December 2002, a car struck me on the driver's side. I couldn't move, I was in shock. Like dreaming, I cannot remember. Ever since the accident, my life has changed, what I once love to do.

I forget.

I have a speech problem, when I order something to eat, I write it down or use sign language.

My family supports me, they know about my head injuries. I forget their names, will use sign for their first initial.

I have very bad headaches.

LABIS has helped me lots, how to cook, how to accept my brain injuries. I thank the LABIS participants and staff for their great work.

Dancing at the Pow-wow has helped me; I dance traditional dance, learn how to make regalia (traditional clothes), and meet alot of people. I love dancing, it is good to move.

Finally, be encouraged. Never give up.