Support Groups

Support groups are necessary to help those who have suffer from an acquired brain injury, and their families.

LABIS' main objective is to provide support for brain injury survivors and the people close to them. That is the entire reason we exist. It's vital that these people know they aren't alone, and that we are here for them. Thus, we hold support group meetings in our main building as they are requested. This gives the families, caregivers, and brain injured individuals a chance to talk about what's on their mind, and it takes a massive load off their shoulders when they know there is another group of people out there dedicating time and resources to helping them.

General Information

Although we cannot guarantee we'll be able to hold a support group meeting on the requested date or time, we will try our best to work around your schedule. Please, do not hesitate to request a meet up. We are here for this exact reason - to support you. We'd be happy to meet up and talk with you! Support group meet ups will be held in our main building, LABIS Office, #3, 4620 - 44 Street, Lloydminster SK. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Request a Meeting